Becoming an Asda supplier as a start-up business

Becoming an Asda supplier as a start-up business


By Cat Gazzoli, founder of Piccolo organic baby food


At Piccolo we launched our 100% organic baby food into Asda over 2 years ago now, and from our first meeting we have found the Asda team to be really supportive and understanding of working with smaller brands. They have become instrumental in helping us reach more families and growing our brand awareness since then, so I wanted to share my 3 top tips for working with Asda as a smaller brand:


1. Keep the Asda customer at the heart of your sell in pitch (& your business)


At Piccolo we had worked with many real families when developing our products so we were able to show they were meeting a demand for 100% organic baby food that is both genuinely nutritious and tasty. We also always strive to bring innovation into our thinking; buyers want to see products that can add value to their categories so make sure your products do this.


2. Work as a team with your Asda buying and supply contacts


Think of the team at Asda as your partners – be open and transparent with them and seek their advice on the range and distribution opportunities. This has been invaluable to us, and we continue to work closely to understand what’s best for the Asda customer & how we as a business can best deliver that collectively. 


3. Doing the right thing will set you up for success


Asda and Piccolo share a core value of working to be businesses that are forces for good. Over the last 2 years we have partnered up on a series of events to eduate Asda families around healthy eating and weaning their babies – with our co-founder and nutritionist Alice giving advice & answering questions in store; helping make Asda the go to grocer for healthy eating advice. Think about what else you can offer beyond a product to add value to the Asda customer.


Working with Asda has been a huge opportunity for us at Piccolo and I’d fully encourage other start ups to embrace the challenge and – bearing my tips in mind – join Asda in their mission to help customers live better everyday.