A change to our Own Brand process

Dear Supplier


Over the past 12 months, we have been working to drive efficiencies in our Own Brand processes.


Following your feedback, we have reduced the volumes of NPD & Re Design activity by 40% and re-structured the process to focus on getting specifications right up-front.  We have also delivered an average artwork charge reduction of 29%.


We are continually looking for ways to further drive efficiencies and a “right first time” approach to our specifications. Therefore, we have decided to have greater focus earlier in the process on the quality of technical data submitted.  This will enhance our due diligence, technical accuracy and improve the efficiency of our process.


In line with the changes in August 2018 on NPD and Redesign, from 22/7/2019, SGS will be performing an additional review of legal label specifications for some Reworks to existing SKU’s. 


It is important to us that the party, who drives the required change, is responsible for its cost. Therefore, suppliers will only pay for this service where they have initiated the activity.


Please see below for a revised Supplier Guide.   The charge for this additional service is set out on page 23 (in the Technical Management (TM) charge section) and represents an increase of £51 per SKU.  This charge will only apply to those amends defined as TM rating D. 


Commercial Supplier Guide - April 2019
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We have also taken the opportunity to split Re Work Amends matrix into two separate matrices. 1 Technical Management matrix (page 23) and 2 The Artwork Matrix (Page 24). This will allow greater flexibility in terms of briefing amends to re works. Please see page 23 of the suppliers guide for guidance on using the separate cost matrices to estimate cost.


In addition, we have also split out a separate matrix for Pig and Pentic lines (see page 10).


We will continue to further strive for improvements as we go through 2019 but if you have any queries or observations you would like to please contact Simon Hoare, Senior Manager – Systems, Processes and Planning at the below email address.




Kind Regards,

Supplier Engagement