Asda Approved Printer List – Now Live!

As you may be aware, Asda operate an Approved Printer List containing printers we have worked with to understand their full capabilities, so that we can trust they will provide great quality, service and value to our suppliers.


We have been working hard on updating how we communicate the Asda Approved Printer List, making it as relevant and intuitive to use as possible for you as a supplier. We are pleased to announce that the digitisation of the Approved Printer List is now complete! This information can be easily accessed on the Asda Supplier website here.


New features available:

  • Ability to filter by Country, Region, Substrate and Pack Formats meaning you will only see Approved Printers relevant to your requirements
  • Ability to use the search bar to find a particular printer you may be looking for and/or check your printer is Asda Approved
  • Snapshot of key services provided so you can check a printers capabilities align with your requirements
  • Contact details and website incorporated into the website allowing you to quickly and easily make contact with printers


We have also called out printers who use ColorCert and printers that we have approved to print Fixed Colour Palette - tools and processes that printers have invested in to deliver high quality and low costs so you can be confident in the quality you will receive.  See below for more information about these:



We hope you find the new tool useful; we encourage you to have a look and discover more about the breadth of packaging services available. We aim to provide for all of your packaging requirements so you do not have to look beyond the Asda Approved Printer List.  If you have any questions, please contact