We’re replacing the 30/60/90 process!

We have taken on board feedback from our supplier base and our supply chain & commercial colleagues, and we're replacing the 30/60/90 process.


We understand how important supply chain collaboration is across our supplier base and we have invested a lot of time in listening to suppliers and colleagues about how we can continue to grow our strong relationships with our supplier base.


The 30/60/90 process has become a pivotal part of alignment for our supply chain and commercial colleagues in Asda and within our supplier base over the years however over time this process has become clouded and we have collectively forgotten some of the key principles of this session.


We’re therefore rebranding and re-briefing the collaboration session and the terminology of 30/60/90 will be replaced with Joint Supply Planning (JSP) which aligns us with the Asda commercial team (JBP’s & JMP’s)


The JSP will be one of the first foundations of a more forward focussed Asda supply chain and will align with the longer term Asda supply chain vision. We have clearly defined what should and should not be included within your regular JSP session, taking on board feedback from our supplier base about what is important to them. We will also be ensuring we internally monitor and track attendance of the JSP and have provided the Asda Supply leadership team with better tools to allow them to monitor when and where JSP sessions are being held.


Our ask from you is that you refer to the Joint Supply Planning page here and familiarise yourself with the key inputs and outputs of the JSP session to ensure all parties all totally aligned on the expectations of the JSP.