Wider Asda roll-out for the big and tasty Goutini tomato

Grower Andy Roe will be celebrating as new tomato variety is available in Asda stores following successful trial...


In May 2018, Asda tomato grower Andy Roe told the story of how his ‘holy grail’ of tomatoes would be sold in 17 Asda stores as part of a trial to see if the new, sweeter version of a beefsteak tomato would be a hit with customers.


Eight months on and it seems he was right to say the Goutini is what “everyone’s looking for” as the new tomato variety will be on sale in more than 150 Asda stores from April this year.


Here’s what Andy had to say about his latest development last year…


“The tomato industry has been trying for years to find a tomato that's big in size but still packed full of flavour. It's the holy grail everyone's looking for – and I think we’ve found it with the Goutini tomato!


“Everybody's used to the taste of beefsteak tomatoes; the Goutini tastes three times deeper and sweeter than those. It's got an initial sweetness but inside there's the seeds and seed gel that give it a level of acidity that's so important in the tomato flavour.


“It's the sort of tomato you only find once every 20 years – it really is a special variety.


“I came across it in a trial in Holland three years ago but I was only given the official seed to grow it in 2017: the seed companies are very protective of their new varieties and they don’t want to release them too soon.


“Asda is world class in bringing innovative products to market – especially when the supermarket finds something it knows customers will love.”


“The Goutini is very exciting because it’s the size of a smallish beefsteak tomato but with an equivalent sweetness to cherry tomatoes, which has been unheard of until now in the tomato world.


Nasir Ahmed, Asda’s tomato technical manager, added: “We’re always looking for exciting products that encourage customers to try new things in the produce aisle. The feedback from customers on the Goutini tomato has been fantastic, so we can’t wait to make it more widely available across our stores.”