Pack Copy

Pack Copy is information about products presented in an informative and/or interesting way on packaging or labels.


Pack Copy depends therefore on having:

  • Reliable and accurate knowledge about the product

  • A clear idea of what aspects of the product we want to highlight and how we want to present this information


Pack Copy satisfies two separate requirements:

  • To provide factual information based on legal requirements and ASDA policy - Technical Pack Copy

  • To encourage purchase and highlight attributes and benefits of the food based on marketing requirements and design - Creative Pack Copy


Technical Pack Copy includes:

  • Name of the food

  • Ingredient list

  • Instructions for use (cooking guide etc.)

  • Storage instructions (including the type of minimum durability – best before / use by)

  • Country of origin

  • Quantity declaration

  • Nutrition information (including signposting)

  • Statutory warnings (including allergens, genetic modification, irradiation etc.)

  • Product specific labelling arising from UK or EU compositional legislation


Technical pack copy is driven by supplier completion of the product specification. Suppliers are responsible for ensuring this is factually and legally correct and reflects the product being supplied.


Suppliers must therefore be familiar with legal and technical requirements applicable to their products.


Creative Pack Copy always includes:

  • Product title


It may include:

  • A Marketing sub-description or copy

  • Nutrition or health claims

  • Recipes or meal ideas

  • Statements related to provenance of the food or ingredients or a product story

  • Information about other products (cross sell)


The detail of Creative Pack Copy is driven by decisions made by ASDA Brand Managers, ASDA Product Managers, ASDA Marketers and Design Managers, Agencies and Suppliers about what we want to say on pack to sell the product. Creative Pack Copy will be coordinated by ASDA Copywriters.


Suppliers are expected to contribute to the creative side of pack copy by suggesting ideas for inclusion on pack.


Creative pack copy may need to include additional details not intended to appear on pack to substantiate the detail that is intended to be included. This is particularly the case for any nutrition or health claims.


Naming Panels


The two types of pack copy obtained as separate elements within the overall ASDA Brand process will be collated at the Naming Panel to confirm that they are complete and consistent before hand over to artwork.