Our Sustainability Commitments

At Asda, our approach to sustainability is based on the belief that protecting the environment and saving people money go hand in hand. We have a really clear aims – to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, the goods and services we sell, and the suppliers that make them.

Plastics & Packaging


Packaging, it’s part and parcel of what we do. Without great packaging, many of our products wouldn't make it to our stores, or your homes, in one piece. Some of our food wouldn't be safe, others wouldn't taste so good, and some things need to be packaged for extra protection as they are so delicate.


We’re focused on reducing and improving it and, since 2007, we have reduced packaging weight by 27 percent. But, it isn't just about less packaging, it's about packaging that keeps products at their best for longer, both in our stores and your homes.


As part of Walmart's 2025 Sustainability targets - Asda is committed to all packaging being recyclable by 2025. Read our Plastics Manifesto below and look out for updates on our progress in the News section.


ASDA Plastic Unwrapped Manifesto
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We use energy right across our operations, from fridges to checkouts, ovens to lighting. That's why we have the target of...




To find out how we're doing this, click here.



Whether it's recycling cardboard, reusing fixtures and fittings, donating clothes and food or creating energy from waste, we view all waste as a resource and reuse, recycle, redistribute or recover wherever we can. 




We know that we still have work to do to reach our zero waste target. Our team is working hard, training colleagues, reviewing processes and looking at product composition and recycling methods to understand what more we can do. To find out more, click here.



Getting our products from depots to stores is something we have to do, but we want to make it as efficient as possible. Thats why we have a target of:



From double-deck chiller trucks and low carbon dual fuel to driver training, we're making fleet improvements right across our operations. Over the last ten years, we have made some brilliant emission reductions despite opening lots of new stores. As we keep growing and changing, we stay focused on doing things better and smarter. To understand more, click here.



Although it may feel like we get plenty of rain here in the UK, water is a scarce resource in many other places around the world. To help us achieve this target we have water reduction initiatives in place in our stores and depots.




This is the first time we have had a specific target on water use in our operations. To date, we have focused on fixing leaks and making sure the systems we have are working properly. Looking to the future, we want to make sure that our new stores are using water as efficiently as possible. For more information, click here.