Working With You

In order to deliver the great quality, affordable products that our customers demand, our business is reliant on a range of natural resources. In the past, we’ve focused on reducing the impact of business operations, like our stores, depots and offices. But we know that over 90% of our environmental impacts lie within the supply chain so we built the Asda Sustain & Save Exchange to establish a world class supplier base that sets the standard in terms of sustainability. 


The Asda Sustain & Save Exchange is an online tool supported by live events, free for our suppliers, which gives them information and ideas, and enables them to share best practice and identify opportunities for increasing resource efficiency. Suppliers have made improvements in everything from investing in new and more efficient cold stores, tapping transformers to reduce energy use, to new LED lighting projects.

There are currently over 1,250 suppliers registered on the Asda Sustain & Save Exchange and it’s already tracking around £11 million of savings and almost 35,000 tonnes of CO2 – a huge achievement since 2013.

The key to its success is building trust and the creation of shared value through knowledge.

We fund 100% of the Asda Sustain & Save Exchange but we’ve made a commitment to our suppliers that they keep the savings they unlock – something that is utterly unique for our sector.

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