We can use a lot of jargon in ASDA, hopefully this information can make it easier for you to understand what we mean. There are ASDA and general terms here – if you think anything’s missing, please let us know!

24/7 TV Internal TV Broadcasting used by ASDA to communicate to colleagues in the business
Accounts Payable Department within Finance responsible for paying suppliers on time
Accounts Receivable  Department within Finance responsible for ensuring we receive prompt payment of goods due to us
Action Alley The main aisle down the centre of the store
Active Trading System which offers each store the opportunity to review and amend orders of allocated seasonal or promotional stock
Activity Plan Overview of all promotional activity and range changes planned
ADC Ambient Distribution Centre - a DC carrying Ambient goods
Adopter/Store Adopter Colleague in ASDA House who takes responsibility for supporting a given store
Ambient Product sold at non-chilled or frozen temperature - usually refers to Grocery, Household and Health & Beauty products
ANA Article Numbering Association - barcode on retail product
APN ASDA Price News, flyer style leaflet delivered to customers' homes
Appointment No. Booking Reference Number for expected arrival time for supplier delivery
ASDA Brand Both our own label core brand (ASDA Brand) and the internal term for all own label brands and operations
ASDA Brand Participation/Penetration The % of a category's sales which are own label as opposed to supplier branded items
ASDA FM Radio station played in stores
ASDA Free From ASDA's Free From ranges - Free From wheat, gluten, nuts etc.
ASDA House Central office for the ASDA operation
ASDA Living Stores focused on Clothing, H&L and some Health and beauty items, with no food offer
ASDA Organics ASDA's Organic own label range ASDA's website for Home Shopping
ASN Advanced Shipping Notification - electronic delivery note sent by the supplier for store direct deliveries only.
ATM Automated Teller Machine - also known as a cashpoint or autobank
AWW ASDA Way of Working - description of management and colleague behaviours and style of working
Backboards Panels used to divide two sides of a Gondola
Backhaul ASDA vehicles collect goods from the supplier and deliver to the relevant distribution centre
Backroom process Process of picking stock from the warehouse to replenish ambient areas of the store
Back-Ups Areas of store where chilled and frozen products are stored and prepared
BACS Bankers Automated Clearing Services - the method by which payment is made from ASDA to domestic suppliers for goods received
Baler Cardboard crushing machine in store
Barcode Series of lines and spaces on product packaging, which relates to a specific number (ANA number or UPC on a retail product, TUC on a case of items), designed to be read by a scanner at store or depot
Bill of Lading Document sent with merchandise to detail shipment and receipt of goods
BOGOF Buy One Get One Free
Booking Reference Number Reference given by depot when an ordered delivery is booked in
Boston Crew Sub-brand of George targeted at men
Breakpack A large outer case (Vendor Pack) that will be subdivided at the depot into smaller inner cases (Warehouse Packs) ready for distribution to stores
Bulletins Communication from ASDA House to stores
Business Plan Plan for sales, costs and profit
BWS Beers, Wines and Spirits
Cannonball Process Process to manage activity landing in stores to ensure it lands right first time
Capex Capital expenditure
CDC Chilled Distribution Centre - a DC carrying chilled and frozen goods
CIF Cost, Insurance and Freight (Incoterms) - carriage and insurance are arranged by the selling party, risk transfer takes place when goods pass the rail of the ship
Cluster A group of stores in close geographic proximity to each other
COD Cheapest on Display
Colleague Circle Consultative group of colleagues in a work environment, representing the views of colleagues in that location
Colleagues People who work for ASDA
Committed Stock/C Stock Parameter set in Inforem to ensure a certain level of stock above forecast sales is sent to stores
COMP Wal*Mart version of Like for Like but all stores for COMP will have been open over a year as COMP updates oncce per year, LFL updates once a week
Comp Wire cage used to transport goods from depot to store and around stores
Compactor Machine that compacts waste products
Consumables Also known as GNFR.  Items used in store but not sold to customers e.g. Pizza discs, till rolls
Contract Base Recruitment tool taking into account store sales to generate level of hours required
COOPS System used to raise invoices for lump sum funding agreed with suppliers
COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
Country of Origin Country where imported goods are shipped from
CPFR Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment:  planning process designed to involve all parties to improve availability.
Critical Path The set of tasks, owners and milestones required to launch a range or product in store
Cross Docking (X-Docking) Also known as Stockless.  Orders by store are picked at the supplier and delivered to the depot, where they are moved across the loading dock from goods in to goods out and delivered by ASDA to store.  The model assumes no stockholding or picking on these items
Cross Reference Chain Way of linking two discrete items which share shelf space in store e.g. standard pack plus % extra free pack
CSM Customer Service Manager in store
CWO Cancel When Out - status on Item File designating that an item should be made Inactive when it no longer has stock at depot
Days on Hand A measure of Inventory - the amount of stock held at a point in time, divided by the average day's sales of that stock.
DD Deseasonalised Demand - the average weekly forecast for an item across 52 weeks held in Inforem
Deals System used to raise invoices for funding agreed with suppliers based on turnover / volume
Debit Notes An accounting note to show the value deducted from a supplier account
Delivery Smoothing Managing volume of stock delivered to stores across the week to avoid huge volumes on Friday and Saturday delivereies
Demurrage Costs of holding stock at port once the free holding period has elapsed
Department Number A department has a position within the Item File hierarchy, denoted by a number e.g. D5 = Electronics
Designate Someone shortly to take up a role in the business e.g. GSM Designate
DILO Day In the Life Of - used for training materials
Directs Products delivered directly to store from the supplier
Direct Import (DI) Items are purchased by ASDA in the Country of Origin, not in the UK
Distribution Centre (DC) Depot used by ASDA to distribute products in one of the temerpature bands - can be IDC, ADC, CDC or RDC
Dividers Perspex bar used to keep products separate on shelf
DMA Dangerous Machinery Assessment
DPF Dynamic Policy File - used in conjunction with CPFR to create Policies within Inforem
DPP Direct Product Profitability
DU Delivery Unit - description of how goods are shipped to store e.g. 1/4 pallet, shipper, potato cages etc
Dump Bin Piece of fixturisation used to display items which have been tumbled into the unit
EBR Also known as VMI. EPOS based replenishment, where order levels are governed by the vendor.
EDI Electronic Data Interchange - the method by which orders and invoices are exchanged between ASDA and suppliers
EDLC Every Day Low Cost
EDLP Every Day Low Price
EFTPOS Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale - use of switch/maestro cards at checkouts
EHO Environmental Health Officer
EPOS Electronic Point of Sale - the mechanic by which information is captured when the sale takes place and is then transferred to ASDA systems.
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival - forecast date when goods will arrive at port in the UK
ETD Estimated Time of Departure - forecast date when items will ship from Port of Origin
Events Focused pieces of seasonal or category focused activity e.g. Baby Week, Halloween
Extra Special (ES) ASDA's premium own label range 
Facilities Department who manage building services for ASDA
Facing Number of units of a given SKU on the front row of the fixture
Fineline The US term for a PPG
First Wave First delivery from RDC to store
Fixed Booking A pre-arranged time which remains the same each day or week, when a supplier has a delivery slot booked at depot
Fixturisation/Fixtures/Fixturing The units used to sell stock e.g. shelves, baskets, MUs etc.
FLT Fork Lift Truck
FOB Free on Board (Incoterms) - Carriage, risk and cost all pass from buyer to seller when the goods clear the rail of the ship at port of loading
Footage Space allocated to a given range of products
Freight Forwarder Company who act on ASDA's behalf to manage movement of goods and paperwork relating to imported purchases
FRS Freight Receipt Sheets
FTA Full Truck Agreement - an agreement where ASDA has explicitly agreed to only accept full trucks of product and to order in multiples of trucks
FTE Full Time Equivalent
FTMR First Time Match Rate - the percentage of supplier invoices which match exactly to ASDA receipts and are paid with no queries
Fund 6 Payment from supplier to ASDA
FY Full Year 
G21 Sub-brand of George targeted at customers under 30
Gap Assessment Review of where competitors have ranged items in assortmnents that may be missing from ASDA's offer
GBI Gross Buying Income Measure of gross profit (GP)
GDS Global Distribution System - used in Wal*Mart Distribution Centres
George ASDA's Clothing brand
George House The central office for our George Clothing business
GFY Good For You - ASDA's healthier variant of own label foods
GIC Goods Inward Checker - checks deliveries at the back door
GM General Merchandise - non food elements of ASDA's business, excluding Clothing
GMB General Municipal and Boilermakers Union
GNFR Goods not for Resale.   Items used in store but not sold to customers e.g. Pizza discs, till rolls
Gondola Shelved display fixture in stores
Gondola End Promotional site in store on the end of a gondola
Goods In Area of store and depot where goods are received
GP Gross profit
GP Global Procurement - Wal*Mart's operations in country of origin to manage import purchases
Great Stuff! ASDA's kids-focused own label range
Greeter Colleague at the front of store to welcome customers and provide assistance
GRN Goods Return Note - paperwork completed when goods are sent from store back to depot or supplier
GROW People Development programme
GSM General Store Manager
GSM Pocket Guide Weekly publication outlining the key priorities, activities and events in stores
GSS Quote Sheet Pro-forma completed by import suppliers to pass product details to ASDA
GYPSY Global Dynamic Analysis Profile System - used to create and maintain seasonal profiles by PPG
H&L Home & Leisure
Handball Process of destuffing containers at depot to create pallets of stock for transfer to stores
Head to head Where ASDA is in direct competition with another similar retailer nearby
Hi Number of layers built on a pallet
HiLo Promotion driven retail strategy involving continual raising of core prices to deliver what's marketed as deep discount offers - ASDA is opposed to this
Home Shopping ASDA's Internet grocery service
Hoppers Large wire baskets used to merchandise crisps etc.
HOST ASDA Mainframe
Huddles Meetings held each day / shift to maintain colleague knowledge about business issues / performance
IDC Integrated Distribution Centre - automated DC used for storage and distribution of ambient temperature band products
Inbound % of ASDA's orders filled by supplier over a given time
INBS Inbound scheduling system used by supply to place supplier bookings and by depot teams to control goods in capacity
Incoterms International Commercial Terms - standard trading definitions governing the terms of International trade in goods
Inforem System used to replenish depots and stores
Initial Margin (Ships at Retail - Ships at Cost) / Ships at retail - also known as Intake margin
Instock % of valid store/item combinations which are showing as having stock at a given time
Intake margin (Ships at Retail - Ships at Cost) / Ships at retail - also known as Initial margin
Integrals Refrigerated cabinets
Inventory The amount of stock held by ASDA in store and depot at a point in time.  Measured in cash terms usually or by Days on Hand.
ISD Information Systems Division - ASDA's IT experts
IT  In Transit - stock which has been invoiced by depot but not yet receipted by store
Item Effective Date Date when a new line first becomes replenishable
Item Expiration Date Date when an item ceases to become replenishable
Item File The list of attributes attached to one item's Barcode and WIN on ASDA's computer systems
Item Type Determines how an item will be replenished e.g. 20 = stocked, 33 = stockless
IW In Warehosue - stock which has been ordered by store and is due to be picked at depot
Joint Business Plan (JBP) Agreed plan between ASDA and a Supplier covering business objectives (sales, profit, volumes etc)
KPI Key Performance Indicators - way to measure performance against plan
KRA Key Result Area
KVI Key Value item - the items which make the most difference to customer perception of our price position
LC Letter of Credit - commonly used payment when importing product
Lead Time (LT) Time between placing an order and receiving the stock
LFL Like For Like - sales compared with sales the previous year in the same time period in the same stores.  Wal*Mart uses COMP as a measure rather than LFL
Linksave Promotional system where customers receive discount for buying more than one item e.g. Any 2 for £3
Listening Group Process of finding out what customers think of ASDA
Lowest Cost to Operate ASDA's goal of cutting cost out of our operation and increasing efficiency to lower prices
LP Loss Prevention - team charged with managing security and preventing shrinkage in store and depot
LTO Labour Turnover - measure of % change in our labour force on a 52 week rolling basis
LW Last Week
LWLY Last Week Last Year
LWTY Last Week This Year
Margin Differnce between cost and retail prices
Markdowns Variance between the price we intended to charge for the product and the amount actually taken at the till
Max Shelf The amount of an item which would fill the available shelf space in stores
MCE Merchandising Centre of Excellence - location for modular builds / Image Capture / pre-scanning
Mezzanine Upper level in store or warehouse
MILO Month In the Life Of - used for training materials
Mobile Mike Microphone used in store to promote offers
Moda Sub-brand of George targeted at women
Modulars Detailed brief outlining how to display products on shelf
Moment Piece of activity focusing on changing the range or layout of one category in all stores
MRT Maximum / minimum receiving temperature
MSM - independent price comparison website
MTD Month To Date
MTR Merchandise Transfer Request - process enabling stock transfer from one store to another, or between departments within a store
MUs Merchandising Units - roll in pieces of fixturing for high volume SKUs in store to enable easier, faster replenishment
New Line Form (NLF) Document completed by supplier to give ASDA all details on a new item
Non Fixed Booking Booking arranged by supplier on receipt of each order - may be differing date and time each week
Non-replenishable Item which cannot be ordered by the replenishment system
Not On File (NOF) Item whose barcode will not scan at store
NPD New Product Development
Off Sales Goods which are not on the shelf available for sale
On Line Item File (OLIF or OIF) System which holds all ASDA Item File information
OOC Out of Code - out of date
Order Book   Used to order items which are stocked which do not track exact sales e.g. bakery ingredients
Order Book Flag System option to make items non-orderable at store - Order Book Flag can be tunred to Yes or No
OSCA On Shelf Customer Availability
OV Policy Override Policy, overrides other policies within Inforem
P&L Profit & Loss
PA Inforem sub-system used to replenish stockless items in stores
PAD Priority Assembly Distribution
Pallet Large flat wooden delivery unit for stacking cases on
PAT Policy Audit Trail
Pay Me Early ASDA system allowing suppliers to specify fewer payment days for a cost
PCV Pallet Control Voucher
PEN Pallet Exchange Note
Perception Data Data on what our customers think
PGR Perishable Goods Replenishment - Inforem sub-system used to forecast limited life items
PI Perpetual Inventory - ASDA's stock management system, accessed via Retail Link
Pick By Line (PBYL) Stockless replenishment process also known as cross-docking (X-docking).  Pick by Line usually refers to fresh products which are assembled into store orders by suppliers to save time in DC, therefore increasing shelf life at store.
PIG guides Product Improvement Guides - detailed information on how to create products made or finished in store
PIM Profit Improvement Manager
PLU Product Look Up - short code enetered into the till to bring up information on non-barcoded items, e.g. fresh produce
PO Purchase order - the communication of an order by ASDA to the supplier is known as placing a PO
POD Proof of Delivery - signed and stamped document confirming quantity of goods delivered to store or depot
Policies Set of instructions within Inforem which affect the way it replenishes
Port of Origin Port where imported goods are shipped from
POS Point Of Sale - term used for signage and displays to communicate to customers
PPG Product Profile Group - a group of items with similar seasonal demand which are grouped together in Inforem for replenishment purposes
Pre-scanning Process used to verify quality of TUCs before delivery to depot, usually carried out at MCE
Pulse of the Nation Online survey of 10,000 customers
Q Buster Till-trained colleague available to support checkouts at peak periods
Radio Frequency (RF) Picking system used in depots to handle communications with radio data terminals
Ranging Term used when a new product is listed to define which stores will stock the item - also known as Item Distribution
RDC Regional Distribution Centre - DC that is set up to support a group of stores across a variety of temperature bands
Recap Report Daily report for stores including financial performance and other KPIs
REDs Registered Excise Dealers
Regional Anything to do with a particular region
Renewal Store undergoing a refresh of physical amenities and people
Replenishable Items available to order via the replenishment system
Replenishment The process of filling the shelves in store
Replenishment Analyst Person who manages a specific area of stock and its associated supply chain from within ASDA House
Residual Stock Stock remaining after end of promotion / event
Retail Link Wal*mart database of sales, item file and stockholding information accessible by buyers and suppleirs
Returns Centre Reverse Logistics depot to manage and dispose of Returns with retained value e.g. Electronics
Returns Items brought back to ASDA by customers and refunded
Review Time (RT) Frequency of order review points for items
Risers Perspex bar used across the front of the shelf to keep items in place
RMD Retail Managing Director - colleague in control of a Region or group of stores
Roll Comp See Comp
Rollback Permanent or temporary price reduction
ROM Regional Operations Manager - colelague in control of a smaller Cluster of stores within a region
Sauna Piece of activity focusiing on changing the range or layout of one category in all stores
Scanner Device used in store or depot to read Barcodes
Scanning Capturing item details using barcode or TUC - either in depot, in store on Telxon or at checkout
SDA Small Domestic Appliances
Second Wave Second delivery from RDC to store
Segmentation model Import process used to break down container loads of items across the ASDA distribution network
SEL Shelf Edge Label containing all details regarding an item including description, UOM, WIN and Max Shelf
Shipper Cardboard stand for display and sales of products
Shipping Window Period of time within which Import goods are required to leave the Port of Origin
Shorts Short deliveries - items or orders not delivered against a PO
Shrinkage Loss - made up of theft, error and unrecorded waste, the difference between the stock ASDA owns on paper and the actual stock found when a count is carried out.
SKU Stock Keeping Unit - each separate line listed by ASDA is referred to as a SKU (pronounced skew)
SLAS Stock Loss Allowance System - way of attributing total company stock loss between depots and stores to each store
Slot Location in depot where pallets of product are stored
SMART Store Merchandising Through Applied Technology - the systems used in stores to run their business
Smart Price Our COD own label brand
SOL Store of Learning - centre of excellence for standards, used to train managers from other stores
MOE Manual Order Entry allows over-ride of system proposed order requirements to a given store
SORM Serve over Ready meals
Space Flexing Process by which stores alter Max Shelf to ensure the right amount of product is on display to allow holding capcaity in their store to meet customer demand
Staple Stock Stocked items in depot
Stocked Item held in stock at depot to manage replenishment to stores
Stockless Also known as Cross-docking (X-Docking).  Orders by store are picked at the supplier and delivered to the depot, where they are moved across the loading dock from goods in to goods out and delivered by ASDA to store.  The model assumes no stockholding or picking on these items
Store Demographics Information about the make-up of customers in the area immediately surrounding a store
Store Unique Markdowns (SUM) Process used to reduce the retail of items in a specific store or stores only
Supercentres Larger Variants of our standard stores, with a greater clothing and H&L offer
Supplier Website Website providing resources for suppliers to manage their business with ASDA
SVE Sales VAT Exclusive
SVI Sales VAT Inclusive
SWAS Store Within a Store - set of pre-defined Retail Link Reports
Tag Days ASDA's payment terms run in tag days. The "tag" days term is the first payment run after the expiration of the credit term.
Tannoy Store public address system
TARE Net weight of goods minus packaging and pallet
Telxon Scanner used in store for a variety of purposes - off sale capture, SEL production, inventory management etc.
Ten Point Plan Basic interaction standards expected at checkout
Terms & Conditions (Ts & Cs) The conditions of trade between ASDA and its suppliers.  ASDA's terms apply in all cases unless a specific alternative set of terms has been signed by an ASDA Director.  ASDA's Ts & Cs are available on the Supplier Website
Ti Number of cases on a layer on each pallet
TiHi Pallet configuration - Ti x Hi
TOB Turnover Bonus - volume related rebate funding payable through the Deals system
Tote Container used to transport items from depot to store and from store to customers homes via Home Shopping
TPA Trading Promotions Allowance - a P&L column to cover off spend by ASDA on promotional materials and POS
Trading Call Centre Call Centre where all queries from stores are sorted and directed to the relevant buyers
Trading Ops Trading operations - department which oversees the interface between trading teams and stores
Trait A number representing a specific group of stores
Traited Stores authorised to stock a specific item
Trunking Moving goods between depots on ASDA vehicles
TUC Traded Unit Code - the number represented by the barcode on a case of products (Outer Case Code)
TW  This Week  
TWLY This Week Last Year
UOM Unit of measurement - way in which the item quantity is measured eg ml; litre; per tablet etc.
UPC Universal Product Code - the number on a retail item's Barcode (also known as ANA)
Value Engineering Reviewing the cost of an item or process to find cost savings and more efficient working practices
VAT Value Added Tax
Vendor Pack The quantity of units in a case delivered from the supplier to the depot
VMI Vendor Managed Inventory.  The supplier is responsible for managing stock levels and inventory in the area, from factory to customer.
Volume Adjustment Recalibrating absolute costs (wages, waste) as a % of actual sales
VPI Volume Producing Item - a line which has been identified by a particular colleague as having an opportunity to increase sales by focusing on it
Wages The cost of manning our stores and depots
WAGJLL What a Good Job Looks Like
Warehouse Alignment System to facilitate the routing of items through the network
Warehouse Pack The inner case quantity of an item delivered in a Breakpack - the number of units in a case delivered from depot to store
Waste Recorded disposal of stock which cannot be sold at store
We're Listening ASDA's employee satisfaction survey
Where's My Invoice System allowing suppliers to track the status of their invoices
Whoops Sticker used to reduce the price of goods
WILO Week In the Life Of - used for training materials
WIN Wal*mart Item Number - the unique number attached to each item on ASDA's computer systems
WMS Warehouse Management System, the computerised system which operates the IDC
WOW One-off promotional line
WoW Week on Week 
WTD Week To Date
YoY Year on Year
YTD Year to Date
YTG Year to Go
Zero Stocks Item which has a negative or zero PI in a store or stores