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Responsible Sourcing - Supplier Standards

All own-brand suppliers can access a range of tools and resources to support capacity building and drive demonstrable continuous improvement, including but not limited to:

•    Guidance on how to make the most of your Sedex membership

•    Free subscription to the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit

•    Free places on Modern Slavery training, delivered by Stronger Together


Please see our Training page for more information.


Standards for Suppliers


Our Standards for Suppliers are the corner stone of our Responsible Sourcing programme and are operated by Asda Stores Limited, including Asda’s trading brands and subsidiaries (“Asda”). The Supplier Standards apply to anyone supplying Asda with products for resale, as well as GNFR suppliers or any agents used (“Suppliers”).


Protecting the human rights of all who contribute to our business – from our employees, to the workers in our supply chain – is not only the right thing to do, it is essential to our future success. We look to partner with our suppliers to mitigate risks, drive remediation and improve standards for workers.


At Asda, it is vital our Suppliers know and understand the risks within their own operations and supply chains. We encourage suppliers to visit, assess and monitor your facilities’ performance as you are ultimately accountability for their operations.


As a supplier to Asda, you are expected to actively work to identify and understand the risks associated with your supply chain. This includes complying with these standards and any applicable laws, regulations and agreements whilst maintaining licenses and permits as required and appropriate for your industry, geography and facility.


Standards for Suppliers
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Transparency Policy


Supplier transparency is a corner stone of our programme and collaborating with you to uphold our Standards for Suppliers is key to this. This approach will allow us to assess supply chain risk, deploy resources to assist continuous improvement and monitor compliance within our global supply chain.


Please note, although we do not require you to provide transparency to all your in-scope locations at this time, our Standards for Suppliers apply to all tiers of your supply chain and it is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure compliance throughout their supply chain. This communication and the transparency requirements within it are the minimum requirements for Asda Responsible Sourcing. Other Asda departments may have additional requirements.


This policy represents the minimum standards that Asda expects for in-scope facilities. Asda reserves the rights to increase the requirements for business areas, commodities or geographies subject to completion of an initial risk assessment. This may include but is not limited to: additional Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) requirements for supply chain tiers, industry specific audits and additional Human Rights due diligence.


Transparency Policy
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Transparency of the supply chain is essential to identify and manage our salient risks. Below we have published a list of our Tier 1 Food, Non-Edible Grocery, Produce and General Merchandise sites , supplying Asda branded or exclusive products.


Tier 1 Food NEG Produce and GM facilities
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This list contains active supplier sites as of the time of publication. This data is based on self-declared information disclosed by our suppliers on Sedex and Asda/IPL internal management systems. Where 'data is not available', the information has not yet been disclosed to us through these platforms. If a supplier has confirmed they do not want their information to be included, we have removed any reference to their facilities in this list. Whilst we make every effort to ensure published information is accurate, we acknowledge that with any large dataset errors can occur. We will review and update this information on an annual basis.

Supply Chain Monitoring Requirements and Guidance


We are focused on data to better understand risks throughout our supply chain. We aim to do this in a simplified, efficient, and impactful way to realise benefits for customers, workers, our suppliers and their facilities. We use Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ) and third-party audits to help us evaluate our suppliers’ overall risk in the supply chain. Our programme uses the assessment criteria provided by SEDEX. Suppliers will fall into one of three categories:

  • Low risk; An SAQ must be provided every six months to Asda via the SEDEX platform
  • Medium risk; An SAQ must be provided every six months to Asda via the SEDEX platform AND tools will be provided to support suppliers to build capacity and drive demonstrable continuous improvement
  • High risk; An SAQ must be provided every six months to Asda via the SEDEX platform AND the supplier is audited via a third party, audits then shared via the SEDEX platform, all noted non conformances must be closed within the specified time period.

All of these mechanisms help us to monitor, assess risk and evaluate our suppliers’ overall compliance with our Standards. 

Any in-scope location that falls within our transparency requirements may be audited at any time. However, in the first instance Asda will utilise information from all suppliers to identify trends, areas of focus and anomalies for further engagement.


Supply Chain Monitoring Requirements and Guidance
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Transparency, SAQ and Audit 4 Step Guide
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Modern Slavery Policy


We pride ourselves on our reputation for acting fairly and ethically wherever we do business. Our reputation is built on our values as a company, the values of our colleagues and our collective commitment to acting with integrity throughout our organisation. Our Responsible Sourcing Policy demonstrates this commitment.


Modern Slavery Policy
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Whistleblowing Posters


Asda Supplier Poster
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George Supplier Poster
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IPL Supplier Poster
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IPL Supplier Poster - (Espanol / Spanish)
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Disney Guidance


To ensure we maintain strict intellectual property rights and tight controls across our supply base, facilities wishing to produce Disney, Marvel, Lucas Films (Star Wars), and Spiderman Live Action Movie licensed products, are required to complete a Global Facility and Merchandise Authorisation (FAMA) application. The application will need to be approved by Disney before any licensed production can be undertaken.


If you have any queries regarding Disney for General Merchandise products, please contact: GM Disney FAMA Queries at


Please ensure you have reviewed and understood the Disney Code of Conduct and ILS Manual before requesting an application, and continue to follow whilst in the program.


Disney Code of Conduct
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ILS Manual
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Disney Update: Acceptable Social Compliance Monitors


The list of acceptable social compliance monitors for SMETA and Disney audits has been updated by Disney. The current list of accepted audit firms for SMETA and Disney audits is available to download below.


The important change is that SGS has been removed from the list of accepted audit companies for SMETA and Disney audits from April 2019. There will be a transition period where Disney will accept SMETA / Disney audits by SGS if conducted on or before 31st Oct 2019.


Please note, for each audit program / standard accepted by Disney, there is a list of audit firms accepted for that particular program. E.g. the list of accepted audit firms for Amfori/ BSCI is different to the above. SGS remains on the list for BSCI.


Disney Acceptable Audits
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Disney FAMA Application Process Flow


Disney FAMA Application Process Flow (General Merchandise)
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Disney FAMA Request Form
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Frequently Asked Questions


Supplier Frequently Asked Questions
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If you have a query please contact Asda here.